Food & Beverage Artwork Solutions

Ophelia offers a range of art services to the food & beverage industry globally.

Our artwork services to the food and beverage industry include consultancy, design, sourcing, manufacture, supply and installation of artwork in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and nightclubs.

Working with some of Dubai's leading restaurants and bars, Ophelia has installed all types of artwork from trendy framed prints to unique hand painted wall murals. Whatever the design direction of your space Ophelia can create a unique environment.   

Our F&B Artwork services include:

  • Artwork advisory
  • Specification development
  • End to end art direction on all elements of a project
  • Artwork sourcing
  • Commissioning of paintings, sculptures, accessories and prints
  • Production of unique artworks
  • Artwork Installation
Food & Beverage Artwork Solutions Dubai


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