About Ophelia Art Consultancy

At Ophelia Art Consultancy, we are driven by our deep passion for art and take pride in our ability to effectively manage projects within specified budgets and timelines, regardless of their size.

Established in 2013 in Dubai, by Interior designer and artist Louise Duggan, we expanded our presence with an office in the UK in 2022. Boasting over twenty-two years of experience in the region, we specialize in the procurement and commissioning of paintings, sculptures, accessories, and prints.

Our hallmark is punctuality and adherence to budgets, coupled with an exceptionally tailored service. Ophelia Art Consultancy offers comprehensive art direction across all facets of a project – from concept development and specifications to production and installation – encompassing both commercial ventures like hotels, offices, and hospitals, as well as residential undertakings.


Ophelia Art Consultancy
Cawley Priory
South Pallant
West Sussex
PO19 1SY
United Kingdom

Mobile: +44 (0) 7752 367449
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