The St Regis Dubai

The St Regis Hotel

The hotel’s interiors are influenced by the city’s beaux-arts architecture of the original St. Regis in New York, and accentuated by bespoke elements such as the grand staircase and carefully selected artworks dotted across the hotel.

This is the first St. Regis hotel in Dubai, we where appointed as the art consultants to work with the client and the operator to develop the narrative of the hotel and incorporate the brand.

The concept we developed, was for the hotel to become a gallery to show a collection, owned by a well travelled individual who had spent their years collecting artefacts and artworks from around the globe. As the hotel guest, we are taken on the journey with the owner to experience original artworks, photographs of faraway lands and share in the experiences that travel and exploration bring.

Locally based artists where commissioned throughout the hotel. The guestroom artworks where all commissioned to create a unique and bespoke collection for the hotel and archive images of the UAE where introduced in contrast with modern abstract original art.


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